Magnetic USB-C
Power Changing Cable

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Meet the «MagPlug»

  • Fully
  • Travel
  • Fast
  • Lenth
  • Magnet
Magnetic USB-C Power Charging Cable with «L» connector design. Tired of being always wired while using your laptop? Afraid that accidental splitting can crash your device? Don`t like annoying adapters, dongles or extenders? Then «MagPlug» is exactly what you need! It`ll make your life easier!
Compact Design

The smallest magnetic connectors on the market

Travel Friendly

Fits any case or bag while connected

Thin Flexible Cord

Easily bends and stays durable

Fast Charging

Supports power adapters up to 87W

6.6FT/2M length

Comfortably charge your device anywhere

  • Apple USB-C MacBooks
  • Other USB-C Laptops
  • USB-C Tablets
  • USB-C Smartphones
  • Other USB-C Devices


Magnetic USB-C to USB-C Power Charging Cable “MagPlug” (6.6FT – 2M) Regular price